Granlibakken 2020 » CAWS 2020 Teacher Training

CAWS 2020 Teacher Training

2020 CAWS workshops – Lake Tahoe, CA


DP - June 25-28

Language B: Generic (Cat 2) (first teaching Sept. 2020)

Film (2)

Administration  (1)

English A: Lang & Lit  (2)

English A: Lit  (2)

Economics  (2)

Biology   (2)

History  (2)

Chemistry (2)

Math: Analysis and Approaches (2)

Math: Applications and Interpretations (2)

Music  (1) (first teaching Sept. 2020)

Music  (2)

Theory of Knowledge  (1) (first teaching Sept 2020)

Theory of Knowledge  (2)

Coordination  (2)

Extended Essay  (3)

Leading for Effective Teaching and Learning  (3) (Leadership Workshop)


MYP – June 28-July 1

HOS/ Coord  (1)

HOS/ Coord  (2)

Physical Health and Ed. (3)

Math  - Managing Assessment (3)

Investigating Inquiry in MYP  & PYP (3)

Approaches to Learning – IB Educators PYP & MYP (3)

Global Contexts  (3)

Language & Literature (1)

Design: Delivering the MYP Curriculum  (2)


PYP – June 28-July 1

Making PYP Happen: Implementing Agency  (1)

Local and Global Inquiries (2)

Evidencing Learning (2)

Leading and Learning (1)

The Role of Technology (3)

Concept-Driven Learners (2)

The Role of the Arts (3)

Building for the Future (3)

Getting Connected: Engaging in Authentic Global (3)





JUNE 25-28, 2020


Granlibakken Registration Instructions:




JUNE 28- JULY 1, 2020


Granlibakken Registration Instructions:




Questions? Contact Dr. Jerry Chris:





  • Payment for both the resort and the conference go directly to Granlibakken (see end of registration form).
  • The resort fee includes all meals – including dinner and social hour each day.
  • I suggest that if you have more than one participant from your school, that you rent a car at the Reno Airport. The beauty of Lake Tahoe is spectacular and you will want to do some touring.

If Granlibakken is booked for your session:

 Recommended Hotels near Granlibakken Resort:

  1. Pepper Tree (530-583-6723) – About same cost as Granlibakken. One mile away near shops in Tahoe City. High rise with good views. Recently renovated.
  2. America’s Best Value Inn (530-583-3766) – About same cost as Granlibakken. One mile away near shops in Tahoe City. Clean. Across from Lake.
  3. Sunnyside (530-583-7200) – High end. Two miles south on west shore, away from Tahoe City. Good restaurant. Beach access.
  4. Cottage Inn (530-581-4073) – Pricey. Cute, popular honeymoon location. Individual cottages next to Sunnyside. Beach access.
  5. Franciscan Lakeside Lodge (530-546-6300) Reasonably priced. Right on water, but 20 minutes away. Granlibakken recommended.
  6. Base Camp (530-580-8430). Just opened May/2016. Very affordable. Right in Tahoe City.

All above hotels have good websites with virtual tours.

 Other Possible Choices: 

Tahoe Marina Lodge (530)583-2365. Condo style, close to water.…. Tahoe City Inn (800) 800-8246. Low end, but good location on lake.

Mother Nature’s Inn (530) 581-4278. Quaint. On top of great antique store. Cozy and in middle of town.

*** Remember that your “off grounds” fee of $360 (paid to Granlibakken with your registration) covers all meals, including incredible BBQ dinners. Many choices at all meals. The fee also covers social hour each day. You will also have access to the pool, tennis courts, etc. A free shuttle service will connect you with Granlibakken.