Middle Years Program » CAWS Events Calendar 2022/2023

CAWS Events Calendar 2022/2023

CAWS Event Calendar - 2022/2023

All roundtable will be held from 5:00pm PT unless otherwise noted. Registration links for all events will be sent in separate emails.


January 2022


Jan 11: PYP Roundtable - The Learner Profile/International Mindedness


February 2022


Feb 8PYP Roundtable - Pedagogoical Leadership

Feb. 28: CAWS Spring Seminar


March 2022


March 14: PYP Roundtable - The Role of the Specialists in the PYP


April 2022


April 12: PYP Roundtable - Play BasedLearning/The Early years (3-6)


May 2022


May 10: PYP Roundtable - Approaches to Learning


June 2022


June 28-July 1 CAWS Treacher Training/Granlibakken - DP/CP MYP/ PYP June 28-July 1


July 2022


July 1 CAWS Treacher Training/Granlibakken MYP/ PYP


September 2022


Sept. 22 IBC Roundtable with Kelsey Day, IBO  and Michael Winsatt, CAWS President


October 2022


Oct. 19 Schoolwide Adoption of DP Courses with Phil Evans, IBO 

Oct. 27 Programme Development Plan with Kelsey Day, IBO and Jessica Downing, CAWS Secretary




November 29 Programme Evaluation with Kelsey Day, IBO


January 2023


Jan. 19 Science of Reading in PYP with Kelsey Day, IBO


February 2023


Feb. 21 Language offerings in MYP/DP/CP with Kelsey Day and co-host 


Feb. 27 CAWS Spring Seminar, The Horton Grand, San Diego


April 2023


April 13 Agency in the PYP with Kelsey Day and co-host


April 18 Adding a Programme with Chloé Suberville