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The California Association of IB World Schools is very proud to announce our scholarship and award winners for 2017. Thank you to our member schools who submitted such amazing applications. Reading them was an inspiring, joyous and humbling experience. The quality of IB students and educators in our state is unparalleled, while the diversity of thought and action represents what is unique and exemplary about the IB. For 2017 we had an unprecedented number of applications and every single candidate was worthy of the award. This made the choice of winners very challenging. In the end, after much consideration and deliberation, the award committees were able to reach unanimous decisions. It is therefore our profound joy to announce the winners of the CAWS scholarships and awards for 2017.


CAWS Outstanding Community Service

PYP       $250     Maya Malone, The Healdsburg School, 

MYP      $250      Desteny Pallares Vista Magnet Middle School

DP         $2,000   Joanna Fuentes, Sequoia High School 


CAWS Nancy and Cliff Forster Life Long Learner

PYP        $250       Jasper Kemp, The Healdsburg School

MYP       $250       Marie Guerrero, John Glenn Middle School

DP          $2,000    Rachel Hoppner, Laguna Creek High School


CAWS Video Award

$1,000                     Zachary Lo and Zolji Bomya Sequoia High School


CAWS Garry Prather IB Student of the Year

PYP Northern California      $1,000     Ethan Bryant, The Healdsburg School

PYP Southern California      $1,000     Hanna Patterson, Alice Birney Elementary School

MYP Northern California     $1,000     Maya Weldon-Lagrimas, Stockton Collegiate

MYP Southern California     $1,000     Malia Riley, John Glenn Middle School

DP Northern California      $10,000     Mikaela Carrillo, Inderkum High School

DP Southern California      $10,000     Pamela Munoz, Cathedral City High School 


CAWS Exemplary Educators of the Year

PYP       $1,000     Edna Villarreal, Academia Moderna Elementary School

MYP      $1,000      Kathryn Erling, Letha Raney Intermediate School

DP         $1,000     Marjorie Blevins, Sonora High School


CAWS Legislative Champion of the Year

Richard Barrera, San Diego Unified School District Board Member


CAWS Teacher Training Awards

PYP        $2,500    Tyler Sewell, Park Side Elementary School, Sebastopol

MYP       $2,500    Chao Vang, Natomas Middle School, Sacramento

DP          $2,500    Ashley Burke, Centennial High School, Corona