11 IB Courses Approved by University of California

Dear Colleagues,
If the courses are already on your school’s A-G list, you will see the new honors weight reflected on your school 2019-2020 A-G list. Otherwise, you should add the courses you will offer to your school A-G list. 
*A new course, History of the Americas IB HL1, was submitted and UC approved, with honors weight. This course counts for U.S. History credit. If your school emphasizes U.S. history in the HL1 year and you want your students to received U.S. history credit in grade 11, it is recommended that you use this course title instead of the History IB HL1 title. However, if your school emphasizes world history in the HL1 year, and you want your grade 11 students to continue to receive World History / Cultures / Historical Geography credit, it is recommended that you continue to use the History IB HL1 course title.
September 15 is the important deadline for any revisions to your school’s A-G list for 2019-2020. We recommend that all IB Diploma Program Coordinators and Heads of School work with your school or district designated A-G course manager to make sure that your course list is up to date.  
For additional information on developing your school A-G course list in a way that best reflects the college-level work your IB students are doing, and meets UC A-G requirements, please see the link on the CAWS website under the News/University.
Special thanks to the teachers and schools that worked on course submissions for this school year. 14 courses will have been submitted; 11 have already been approved by UC. We especially want to acknowledge the work of Laguna Creek High School and Cordova High School for providing support and release time to teachers to complete the course submissions. Their efforts benefit so many students and IB schools throughout California and beyond. Thank you!!
Finally, there is still much to accomplish to meet CAWS goals of having all IB courses receive honors weight and to submit new IB courses for timely approval. We need other schools and experienced IB subject teachers to step up and assist CAWS in this process.  
To help with course submissions, or if you have questions about the IB Diploma Program A-G course list, please contact:
Dorothy Battenfeld, University Liaison
California Association of IB World Schools
Best regards,
Dorothy Battenfeld
University Liaison, CAWS