University Update, March 5, 2021

Spring greetings to DP coordinators, school administrators and counselors!
The UC A-G Course Management Portal is now open for the 2021-2022 school year.
CAWS strongly recommends all DP schools begin the process of updating their A-G lists early to ensure you have plenty of time to update your A-G list before the UC admissions application opens on August 1. This should include a review of your IB courses, and IB program 9-12 course sequences. It is vital that your diploma program pathways for students align with UC A-G requirements. Diploma Program coordinators should work closely with their school or district UC A-G course list manager in the review process. CAWS can assist in this process, and can help
you best represent your school’s IB Program for your students on your school A-G list.
This is also the time to begin writing course submissions for any new courses, or to submit
revisions of any existing courses.
CAWS is recruiting teachers to write/revise course submissions for:
  • IB courses that do not yet receive honors weight: Geography IB HL1, Music IB SL,
          Theater Arts IB HL1, Theater Arts IB SL, Dance IB SL, Film IB HL1
  • IB Courses that do not yet receive honors weight: G
There is a $500 stipend for each approved submission. The deadline to complete a course draft to CAWS for Phase 1 is May 15.
The current IB Program A-G list can be accessed here:
UC A-G Course List deadlines are:
Phase 1: February 1-May 31, 2021
Phase 2: June 1-July 31, 2021
Phase 3: August 1-September 15, 2021
Please contact Dorothy Battenfeld if you have any questions about your school A-G list and your IB courses, or if would like to assist with course submissions.
Wishing you, your colleagues, and students a safe and successful spring semester, and vaccines for all soon!
Dorothy Battenfeld, University Liaison, California Association of IB World Schools