University Update, DP & CP Schools re: UC A-G IB Program Course List, June 2021

 Important A-G Course Changes for the IB Program List
1. Theory of Knowledge IB is currently approved for G/History/Social Science. CAWS is
planning to change the designation to G/Interdisciplinary. If you have any concerns with
this proposed change, please contact Dorothy Battenfeld at CAWS.
2. The old Math course titles which are no longer part of the IB curriculum will be removed
from the IB Program A-G list effective for the 2021-2022 school year. These titles are:
Math Studies IB SL, Mathematics IB SL, Mathematics IB HL1, Mathematics IB HL2,
Further Mathematics IB SL, Further Mathematics IB HL2. Please make sure your school
A-G course lists have the new Math course titles.
Assistance Needed for UC Course Submissions
We need subject area teachers to help with revising IB courses this summer for our IB Program Course List. As you know, a CAWS goal is to get honors weight for all our SL and HL IB courses with UC. Teachers receive a $500 stipend for each approved course and receive guidance and assistance from CAWS in drafting the submissions. Teachers are needed to write resubmissions for the following courses to obtain honors weight for our students.
Geography IB HL1
Music IB HL1
Theater Arts IB HL1 and SL
CAWS also needs to submit a new course for Music IB SL. First exams will be in May 2022. Music IB SL will replace the current approved courses of Music SL Group Performance, Solo Performance SL and Composition SL.
If you have a teacher(s) who can help with this process, please contact CAWS. Draft
submissions need to be completed no later than August 27. The preferred CAWS deadline (to meet the Phase 2 UC deadline which allows for edits if initial submissions are not UC approved)is July 15.
The current IB Program A-G list can be accessed here:
If you need any assistance in reviewing and updating your school A-G list, or if you have
questions or suggestions for CAWS regarding the IB Program A-G Course List, please contact us.
Thanks, and have a great summer!
Dorothy Battenfeld
University Liaison, California Association of IB World Schools