IB Data, Resources and Federal Funding Link

The first three attachments are from this meeting.
The Association Presentation Funding power point contains, How to Access CARES Funding to Support IB Programs in US Public Schools created by Bob Poole, Regional Development Specialist IB and Robert Kelty. This informative document provides links to the unprecedented number of sources available for funding your IB program.
The IB Association Meeting October 2021 - Recognition Update power point provides a sense of our place within the IB global arena. IB's Global Recognition Progress, Country Recognition Success Stories, and examples of how IB is working with universities to ensure N21, M22 sessions are included in their credit policy decisions address questions that have been voiced during previous Regional Association meetings with IB.
The Funding IB - Resource Guide concisely lays out estimates for the start up cost for a new IB programme. This will be especially helpful when giving presentations to school districts or local legislators.
Robert Kelty and I spoke after the Cross Regional Association meeting regarding the needs of California schools and how IB can become more involved in finding solutions. Based on our conversation and our not knowing if IB has sent you all of these resources for CTE, Title I, Tile II, ESSA and Equity Funds, we decided to include these additional links in this email.
  • ESSA letters sent from Paul Campbell, Head of Regional Development Americas, contain an introductory statement, a sample letter to superintendents and funding sources from 2017:
  • Appendix A - Explanation of Opportunities in ESSA for Funding IB Programs
  • Appendix B - Description of IB Programms
  • Appendix C - Selection of IB studies that provide evidence for the effectiveness of IB programs
CAWS appreciates the efforts of IB and especially those of Bob Poole and Robert Kelty in responding to our requests for resources and support that specifically address the needs of California schools. CAWS looks forward to continuing our collaboration with IB, Bob and Robert as we serve our educators.