CDE Releases Expanded Learning Opportunities Program Plan Guide, Dec. 8, 2021


 Among other prompts, LEAs will have to explain how they plan to combine other expanded learning dollars (such as ASES and 21st Century) with ELO-P funds to “create one comprehensive and universal Expanded Learning Program.” Additionally, LEAs will need to address the staffing needs that will be required to meet the 10:1 pupil-to-staff ratio for pupils in TK or kindergarten.


We have heard concerns from many of you about propping up such a major program so quickly given staffing shortages, concerns about in person attendance, and while simultaneously trying to plan for Universal TK and Universal School Meals. While CDE has said that LEAs weren’t expected to be compliant with enrollment requirements at the outset of the 2021-22 school year, there is an expectation that those requirements be met during the year. We continue to advocate for a delay in staffing requirements with policymakers, and should know more when the legislature returns in January. In the meantime, we encourage you to reach out to the community-based organizations in your areas, many of whom already have experience with before and after school programming, to explore potential partnerships. 


More information on the ELO-P, including FAQs and funding results, can be found here. The program’s audit guide will also be available on that page when it has been finalized. 


Let us know if we can be helpful or answer any additional questions. 




Christina Marcellus

Legislative Advocate | Capitol Advisors Group