Apply to join the CAWS Board as a Member at Large

CAWS Board members are enthusiastic educators who embody the values and attributes of the International Baccalaureate while adding their individual practical and inspired insights on how CAWS can best serve our IB community.
CAWS Board Goals
  • To serve as an information conduit for California IB schools and their communities;
  • To support the continued growth of IB in California;
  • To continue working with the California University and State College systems toward our mutal goals of honors recognition and college credit for IB courses and exams;
  • To provide opportunities for the training and support of IB teachers and administrators; and
  • To serve as a liaison to International Baccalaureate Organization, International Baccalaureate Americas and to other regional and sub-regional IB groups.
CAWS Board General Job Descriptions
All board members should:
• Attend all board meetings (three per year)
• Be employed by CAWS member schools 
• Contact local schools to promote CAWS events and build relationships with CAWS
• Assist at CAWS events
• Communicate information to member schools within your region:
            - Events
            - Legislative action
            - CAWS’ purpose
            - CAWS’ services
            - Participate in CAWS Scholarship selection
            - Serve on ad hoc committees as needed
            - Vote on board motions
            - Engage in timely communication with all board members
Applications accepted until positions filled
Send completed application materials to:
CAWS Past President, David Crawford  or CAWS Executive Director, Robin Oliver
1.     Your completed application: CAWS Board Member Application.
2.     Cover letter
Please review the following information prior to submitting your application:
If you should have any questions about CAWS, please contact Robin Oliver
Everyone associated with CAWS looks forward to welcoming you at our Fall Board Meeting in San Diego from October 22 - 23, 2022.
David and Robin