Offer CAWS Continuing Community Service Project at Your School - 2023/2024


Initiated At the IB 2023 Global Conference in San Diego participants were part of the Butterfly Effect 🦋 

The mission of CASD is to improve healthcare access for uninsured community members in San Diego. CASD provides financial support and accompaniment for patients, as well as education for providers to improve the health of our community.

Uninsured patients are often left without options when it comes to specialist visits or non-emergent medical procedures. CASD has been able to fund surgical procedures for these patients, getting them back on their feet and back to what they love through community organizing and fundraising.


School leaders are invited to continue this project at their sites.

Butterflies signify growth and new beginnings. They are also the symbol of the CASD and represent a new start for the patients they have helped. Photos included on this page include our CAWS service project leaders, Carol Van Van Vooren, Laurel Ferreira and Melanie Paliotti, participants, three patients and our table and heart filled with wishes. 


Help fund a patient by raising awareness within your school community

We encourage you to create your own heart to fill at your school and continue this project locally. Please contact Robin Oliver at cawsedir@gmail is you have any questions.

Use our Guidebook to create your own successful service project this year. 
Review CAWS Global Conference project through these photos