UC A-G summary for 22/23 and suggested priorities for 23/24

From: Dot Battenfeld-


Ten new or revised courses were approved for the 2022-2023 academic year for the International Baccalaureate Organization UC A-G Program List.

  •          Sports Exercise and Health Science IB HL1 and HL2. New courses with honors. (Heidi McKeen, Granite Bay HS).
  •          Music IB SL. New course with honors. (Venessa Gutierrez, Monte Vista Christian).
  •          Diploma Core Seminar IB. New course with honors (Jared Phelps, Bonita Vista HS).
  •          Digital Society IB SL and Digital Society IB HL1. New courses with honors (D Battenfeld).
  •          Dance IB SL. Now approved for honors credit. (D Battenfeld).
  •         Theory of Knowledge IB. Designation changed from G/Elective/History & Social Science to G/Elective/Interdisciplinary and retains honors credit. (Jason Good, Bonita Vista HS).
  •         Social and Cultural Anthropology IB HL1. Now approved for honors credit. (Dorothy Patch-Kennedy, Montgomery HS/retired)
  •          Theater IB SL Now approved for honors credit. (D Battenfeld).

These are the remaining DP classes that do not receive honors credit and should be a priority for the 2023-2024 submission cycle: Music IB HL1, Theater IB HL1, Business and Management IB HL1, Economics IB HL1, Geography IB HL1.

New course submissions will include Digital Society IB HL2. Silicon Valley International School will be working on additional submissions for Language A Language and Literature IB, and Language A Literature IB courses. The Language A course currently approved is Armenian A Literature IB SL. I recommend that another priority be submission of English Lang/Lit IB and English Lit IB.  For these submissions, we should seek a teacher(s) who are also familiar with the English standards and student learning outcomes for the CC/CSU English GE courses to insure that the submission is written in a way to specifically demonstrate credit equivalencies.