Governor Releases 2023-24 Budget Proposal


 As expected, the impact of the deficit on K-14 education is modest and ongoing programs will be continued without cuts. Proposition 98 funding and other available resources allow some ongoing programs, including LCFF, to receive a COLA of more than 8%.


Our team is preparing a detailed analysis of the Governor's proposal that we will provide later today. In the meantime, following are some highlights of Newsom's proposal:


  • Anticipates Prop 98 guarantee for 2023-24 to be $108.8 billion
  • Includes a LCFF COLA of 8.13%
  • Provides $300 million for "equity multiplier" for LCFF
  • Recommits to implementing prior investments, including Learning Recovery, ELO-P, Community Schools, Special Education, school meals, workforce training, and Universal TK


The K-12 and higher education portion of the Governor's budget proposal can be found here.


Budget Workshops


Reminder that registration is open for the Budget Perspectives Workshops, which are offered at no cost by county superintendents across the state and presented by our firm, SSDA, CSBA, and ACSA. 


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We will provide additional analysis later today. 


Take care, we hope you are all staying safe.




Barrett Snider

Partner | Capitol Advisors Group