How to Fund IB


Bob Poole, IBO, Gavin Payne, CAWS Legislative Analyst and I have put together a brief list suggestions that we hope will assist you.

Here is a link to the funding guide developed for IB schools. 

Bob has heard from several states and schools that they have not yet spent all their ESSER money. LEA’s have been given money and the state has a small hold back. Check to see if it has all been spent. Those funds allow new or existing schools to support IB in the following ways:

Allowable IB Use Under ESSER

• Adding or starting an IB programme in a school

• Planning the programme (pre-work, trainings, FTEs)

• Installing curriculum changes associated with the programme

(curricular materials)

• Professional Development: Training teachers and school leaders to

effectively deliver the program

• Examination fees for the programme


This money needs to be spent by September of 2024.


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Robin Oliver, Executive Director, CAWS | [email protected]|