CAWS Membership Deadline is March 31 to be Eligible to Select a CAWS Student of the Year








Tom Krucli, CAWS Financial Director

BY MARCH 31, 2023

Please mail your payment directly to Tom

Address on Application

SOTY APPLICATION Deadline: April 7, 2023

Each CAWS member programme may nominate one student for their

2023 CAWS IB Student of the Year award. 


Greetings Dear Colleagues,

CAWS membership for eligibility to select a CAWS 2022/2023 Student of the Year, SOTY, is only a few weeks away. You can confirm the status of your programme on our current CAWS 2023 Member Schools list. Membership is open throughout the year although only schools with payments received by our deadline may select a SOTY for 2022/2023.

Complete your CAWS Membership now and be able to meet our March 31, 2023 payment deadline. As we all know, it sometimes takes longer than expected for payments to reach CAWS so if you have submitted your annual payment and do not see your schools name on our CAWS 2023 Member Schools list, please check with your district to ensure that payment was sent to Tom Krucli, CAWS Financial Director.

Our 2023 Student of the Year Application final deadline is April 7, 2023. Member schools who submit a student nomination will receive an additional $50.00 to your regular membership fee from CAWS as further support your students. SOTY Awards will be: $250.00 for DP/CP and $150.00 for PYP/MYP members.

If you would like CAWS to send the check directly to the student you select at their home address, please add that information to the box on our application.CAWS looks forward to assisting you in celebrating a special student of your choosing! If possible, we would love to post photos of your award winner on the CAWS website. Please send photos to Robin Oliver at c[email protected]

Warm regards,