UC A-G Course Management Assistance for DP/CP Schools May 2023

>Important ‘a-g’ Course Updates for the IB Program List

1. Theory of Knowledge IB is now approved for G/Interdisciplinary, and the credential
requirement for Social Science/English has been removed by the Commission on Teacher
Credentialing (CTC) on CalPads.

2. Sports Exercise and Health Science (SEHS) IB course credential requirements have
been updated by the CTC on CalPads. The new requirements are a Single Subject
credential in Health Science, Science: Biological Sciences, or Science: Chemistry.

3. The old Music course titles which are no longer part of the IB curriculum will be
removed from the IB Program ‘a-g’ list effective for the 2023-2024 school year. These
titles are Music Composition SL, Group Performance SL and Solo Performance SL
Please make sure your school ‘a-g’ course lists have the new Music course titles.

>Assistance Needed for UC Course Submissions

A CAWS goal is to get honors weight for all DP/CP courses with UC.  Almost all HL and SL
courses now earn honors weight thanks to assistance from our schools and teachers. There are
still five DP courses that do not earn honors weight. Teachers are needed to write resubmissions
for the following courses to obtain honors weight for our students.
  • Theater Arts IB HL1
  • Music IB HL1
  • Geography IB HL1
  • Economics IB HL1
  • Business and Management IB HL1
Teachers receive a $500 stipend for each approved course and receive guidance and assistance
from CAWS in drafting the submissions. Schools needing honors weight for these courses may
also wish to provide 1-2 days of release time to teachers for this important work.
CAWS needs to submit a new course for Digital Society HL2.  First exams will be in May
2024.  If you have a teacher(s) who can help with this process, please contact CAWS.
If your school wishes to offer other DP courses that are not yet on the UC IB Program ‘a-g’ list,
and you have a teacher who can assist with writing the submission, please contact CAWS. This
might include English Language and Literature, other Language A or B courses, or SL Year
1/Preparation courses.
If you need any assistance in reviewing and updating your school ‘a-g’ list, or if you have
questions or suggestions for CAWS regarding the IB Program ‘a-g’ Course List, please contact

Thank you to the teachers and schools who have submitted new courses in the last few years to
expand recognition for our DP and CP courses. Your invaluable work has aided students
throughout the state! And special thanks to Bob Poole from IBO and our CAWS University
Liaison for their successful collaboration with the CTC to update credential requirements for IB
Please review 2023 UC A-G Information for IB Diploma Program School for further details that will assist you with UC A-G requirements and your school.