IB showcase highlights PBMS students’ community service projects

“The community service project kicks off for eighth-grade students in September. I encourage students to select a project or topic that they are passionate about or one that matches their hobbies or interests,” said Ashley Hensen, IB coordinator at PBMS. “The final project format is digital and highlights the four phases of the project: research, planning, action, and reflection.

“This year, on Wednesday, April 17, we had 109 incredible projects presented to the public. These projects reflected the commitment and compassion of our eighth-grade class,” Hensen said. “Some of our students will now take the next step in the IB Community Service Project process and apply for a ‘Distinction’ designation. Students can earn distinction after presenting to a panel of PBMS staff, parents, and community members.

Eighth-grade students Claire Dunn (left) and Mimi Scatena presented their Grade Community Service Project on April 17 at PBMS. Their project involved teaching beginning field hockey skills to younger students. Both girls are members of the Coastal Clash women’s field hockey team. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

“The panel will decide if the students went above and beyond to make a positive impact in their community by awarding their project with ‘Distinction.’ Our school’s community service component empowers our students to realize they can solve real-world problems and have a positive impact on their community,” Hensen said.

In asking students to describe the benefit for the community in completing a community service project, one response stands out. Eighth-grade student Damian Toma, working with two other classmates to bring music into retirement homes, said: “It never hurts to help your community. Not only do you benefit the community you are serving physically, such as packaging food, but you also strengthen the well-being and bond between yourself and the community. Working together to bring others happiness is vital to a thriving community.”


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