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A Local or International Service Project for your Students


The California Association of IB Schools is partnering with We Help Two to organize a statewide service learning projects this fall. These projects are an extension of the "Socks for Legs"project highlighted during the IB Global Conference in San Diego. This project provided prosthetic legs to amputees and repaired club feet for children around the world while providing warm socks for those in need in local communities. The conference goal was to sell enough socks to provide 4 legs. By the final day, that goal was met 3 times over with 12 legs provided and 960 pairs of socks donated to local organizations! 


How it works: 

  1. Schools select a project (See below for options)
  2. Schools sell 3 pair packs of funky socks to raise funds for their cause
  3. For every pack of socks sold, schools receive a pair of warm socks for local donation  

Because of the relationship between CAWS and We Help Two, a box of socks will be sent to every school that would like to participate at NO UPFRONT COST! That means schools will only have to pay for the inventory they sell. 


To get started, schools choose to sell packs of funky socks to raise funds for:

  • Providing prosthetic legs
  • Correcting clubfeet
  • Providing clean water
  • Fund relief for victims of recent CA fires and floods with funds through a vetted organization:

If you would like more information, please visit go HERE


If you would like to participate and begin a campaign for your school this year, please contact Trevor Bergman at



Because of the IB community at the 2018 San Diego conference


Funky socks have changed lives! 

12 legs provided and 960 pairs of socks donated locally


Here is the first life that has been changed forever


Christopher lost his leg when the tire pressure unit that he was using exploded. His friend crouching next to him was not as lucky as he was killed instantly.


Unable to afford a leg Christopher has had to rely on crutches for the past 3 years to get anywhere. 


He arrived at the clinic depressed, with little hope of ever walking again and the reality of living a very difficult life. All of that changed once he was fit with his new leg free of charge!