Invitation for IB Session 3: Managing a school culture shift toward equity

Please join us this Thursday at 4pm for the third CAWS Equity Roundtable, facilitated by Bernadette Cramer, Granite Bay High School Martee Lopez-Schmitt, Capuchino High School.

CAWS Equity Roundtable 3: Managing a school culture shift toward equity

Thursday February 18th, 2021 - 4pm - 5:30pm

While educators work tirelessly to meet students' needs and advance learning as quickly as possible to help struggling students prepare for successful futures, being well prepared is one component that makes access to IB education a complex undertaking. What are the culturally established norms in school communities that add to the challenges for opening access to rigorous coursework for every ? How do we identify them, create opportunities for shared ownership and collaborative problem-solving, so we can manage the culture shift toward equity? Join us this Thursday as we explore strategies, experiences, and learn together.

Facilitated by:
Bernadette Cramer, Granite Bay High School
Martee Lopez-Schmitt, Capuchino High School

Please note:

We will continue discussion on this topic in the IB Programme Communities. Please access the communities prior to the session to join the Strategies for Broadening DP Participation Group
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