COVID-19 Video Update - Weekly Update, May 8, 2020

This week’s video version of our update contains a review of key issues this week and some notable news from today. Hope you find it informative.

Click HERE to see the online video briefing.

Click HERE to view our conversation with former West Virginia Governor Bob Wise regarding potential federal education stimulus funding.


Kevin Gordon, President
Capitol Advisors Group, LLC
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LAO Projects Smaller State Budget Deficit, Highlights Budget Uncertainties, May 8, 2020

This morning, the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO), the non-partisan budget advisor to the Legislature, released a Spring Fiscal Outlook looking ahead to the 2020-21 fiscal year. Although the LAO recognizes the dramatic economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, and corresponding deep budget deficits, their fiscal assessment is significantly less dire than the Fiscal Update that we wrote about yesterday, after it was released by the Governor’s Department of Finance (DOF). DOF projected a $54 billion budget shortfall, while the LAO projects the shortfall to be between $18 and $31 billion. It is important to note that these shortfalls assume no cuts to K-14 education – that is, continued funding at the 2019-20 level, adjusted for growth and COLA.
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IB Online Teaching and Planning for Schools

Kelsey Day, IB Relationship Manager, has responded to my request for information and guidance from IB for educators conducting remote learning with their students. We hope that the March 2020 IB publication, "Online learning, teaching and educational continuity planning for schools." will assist California educators.

Please send me any additional items that you think would benefit our community and I will be happy to share them.

Online learning, teaching and educational continuity planning

Warm regards,
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Newsom suspends state testing

March 18 - Based upon separate comments from Governor Newsom yesterday and State Superintendent Thurmond this morning, California is expected to cancel all required assessments for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, pending the approval of a federal waiver.

We anticipate the Governor to issue an executive order soon to formalize the position and we will provide that to you when it is available.


Barrett Snider
Capitol Advisors Group
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17 IB Courses Approved by University of California

CAWS is very pleased to announce the approval 17 new and updated honors weighted IB Diploma Program courses for 2019-2020.  

Chemistry IB SL (for honors weight)
History IB HL1 (for honors weight)
Physics IB HL1 (for honors weight)
VIsual Arts IB HL 1 (for honors weight)
Math Analysis and Approaches IB HL2 (new course)
Math Applications and Interpretation IB HL2 (new course)
Biology IB HL1
Biology IB SL
Chemistry IB HL1
Dance IB HL1
Global Studies IB SL
History of the Americas IB HL1*
Math Analysis and Approaches IB HL1
Math Analysis and Approaches IB SL
Math Applications and Interpretations IB HL1
Math Applications and Interpretations IB SL
Personal and Professional Skills IB CP1
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