2023/2024 CAWS Student of the Year Award » CAWS 2023-2024 Student of the Year Scholarship, SOTY

CAWS 2023-2024 Student of the Year Scholarship, SOTY

The Student of the Year nomination is selected by each CAWS Member School

Please follow the link below to nominate a single student from your school.
This award allows each member school the opportunity to honor 1 IB student per program
The award should recognize the student who best embodies the values of your school's IB Program.
Student nominees from IB Authorized programmes will receive $250.
If possible, CAWS requests that the award be announced (or presented) at a school awards ceremony. You will receive a letter with the award that may be read as part of the presentation.
Send pictures of the recognition ceremony or students to [email protected] and we will be happy to feature your award winner and school on the CAWS website

PAYMENTS MUST BE  RECEIVED by Tom Krucli, CAWS Financial Direcctor and posted on the Membership page on our website by April 2, 2024. 



APPLICATION Deadline: April 8, 2024 



CAWS member schools may nominate one student for each member programme they offer