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CAWS Board Job Descriptions

CAWS Job Descriptions


Board Job Descriptions

All board members should:

  • Attend all board meetings (three per year)
  • Come from member schools 
  • Contact local schools to promote CAWS events and build relationships with CAWS
  • Assist at CAWS events
  • Communicate info to member schools within your region:

            - Events

            - Legislative action

            - CAWS’ purpose

            - CAWS’ services*

            - Participate in CAWS Scholarship selection

            - Regional advocacy participation to support CAWS goals and initiatives

            - Serve on ad hoc committees as needed

            - Vote on board motions

            - Keep organization running smoothly

            - Participate in board communication



  • Represent organization to IBO, IBA, other groups
  • Attend Global Conference
  • Attend Associations meeting
  • Plan and organize agendas
  • Leadership role for CAWS board goals and initiatives
  • Lead closed session meetings
  • Respect all board decisions to members and contractors
  • Run business meetings at CAWS events
  • Supervise the review and revision of by-laws
  • Enforce policies and procedures


Vice President:

  • Fulfill responsibilities for president in absention
  • Assist president in developing goals, objectives and priorities, and board agendas
  • Oversee ad hoc committees


Past President:

  • Assists in presidential transition
  • Oversees recruitment of new board members


PYP and MYP Reps:

  • Advise board on PYP and MYP advocacy
  • Serve as resource for PYP/MYP programmes throughout the state



  • Take accurate notes and minutes at board meetings
  • Archive minutes and CAWS documents on website
  • Distribute minutes for approval within two weeks of meeting
  • Take closed session minutes



  • Monthly oversight of online banking system
  • Deliver annual Treasurer’s report and budget at business meeting
  • Oversight of Financial Director
  • Oversight of audits, as necessary
  • Oversight of tax documents


University Representative:

  • Oversight of University Liaison
  • Maintain awareness of state policies regarding university recognition
  • Serve as a resource for universities and membership
  • Promote and support board university goals and objectives 


Administrative Representative:

  • Promote CAWS goals and initiatives with member schools’ districts
  • Promote CAWS goals and initiatives with statewide organizations (ACSA, CASBO, OSBA)
  • Advocacy