Video Update - Budget, Politics and Technology, Sept. 4, 2020

We are joined again this week by Governor Bob Wise and Tim Watrous to talk about the latest renewed efforts to pass a stimulus package at Congress returns next week. In addition, Tim and I cover info about the outcome of key issues in the just concluded session of the State Legislature and some tech headlines that are impacting districts.
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FREE Webinar THIS FRIDAY "Tomorrow's Careers, Today's Education"

IB leaders, educators, students and parents thinking about the impact of COVID-19 on the climate of education and the future of work (which has already been rapidly changing) are invited to this webinar. 

We have some very insightful voices on the panel who will discuss

this topic that transcends school contexts to look at the big picture: to broaden our thinking about ways we can expand participation in rigourous learning so students learn to develop new skills for themselves, to find ways to integrate their passions into their learning to become their best and most successful selves, the how to develop the kind of thinkers we need to nurture in any pathway or coursework, we offer them.
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Congratulations to Kyra Orgill - CAWS New MYP Representative

It is my honor to serve on the CAWS board as the MYP Board Representative. I look forward to working alongside MYP Coordinators and educators throughout the state as we bridge the digital divide and explore distance learning. Where ever the coming school year brings our educational journey, the MYP will thrive through the innovation and creative expertise of our gifted California IB educators. I am eager to learn and grow alongside you. Please take some time and complete this survey on this link to help start our work together. Feel free to reach out to me if I can be of service to you in any way.
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Video Update - Budget, Politics and Technology - Aug. 21, 2020

This week Tim and I are joined by Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez of CUE as we discuss the politics of the House of Representatives emergency return to Washington and the outlines of potential action, the Governor’s Executive Order from late last Friday and in-depth discussion around technology issues and team capacity building that are ongoing imperatives. Open for links.

Hope you find it helpful!
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Video Update - Budget, Politics and Technology

This week Tim and I review the very full array of news this week starting with a huge Zoom crash and moving on to the long awaited guidance for small group/cohort instruction. We also cover several aspects of the Legislature's new language that modifies budget issues. Lots of stuff but in a compact amount of time. Hope you find it helpful!
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Invitation to MYP Virtual Roundtable

Please join us for a series of CAWS Virtual MYP Roundtables to discuss successful teaching strategies and share engaging lessons with IB colleagues in your subject area from around the state.

Wednesday, August 19th: MYP Coordinators Register MYP Coordinators

Thursday, August 20th: MYP Projects Register MYP Projects

Wednesday, August 26th: Inquity in the MYP Register Inquiry in the MYP
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CAWS Invitation to DP/CP Virtual Roundtables: Aug. 3 - Aug. 7

Dear Colleagues,
Please join us for a series of CAWS Virtual DP/CP Roundtables to discuss successful teaching strategies and share engaging lessons with IB colleagues in your subject area from around the state. This is not meant to take the place of IB training; it is a collaborative networking session for teachers in specific IB subject areas. The subjects, times and registration links are below. Once you register, your CAWS host will send you a Zoom link. Each event is limited to 25 participants. Please be sure to let your teachers and administrators know about this exciting educational opportunity.
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Video Update - Budget, Politics and Technology - July 17, 2020

This week’s video version of our update provides the latest on, the Governor's new health order impacting in-person instruction, diagnostic assessment and other key issues. Hope you find it informative.

Click HERE to see the online video briefing.

Click HERE to see the new guidance from CDPH.


Kevin Gordon, President
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IB Responses to CAWS Policy Questions

Dear Colleagues,

As we have come together through virtual meetings and emails since March, many positive connections have been either made or deepened. One outcome of our virtual roundtables was an emergency meeting of the CAWS Board in order to determine how best to address the numerous concerns voiced during those shared conversations. On behalf of the CAWS Board and California IB schools, I sent an email outlining areas of concern to Haif Bannayan Director, Outreach & Conferences IBO.
Haif was very pleased to get such specific information from California and assured me that he was going to share it and his team would address our concerns as rapidly as possible.

I have attached a copy of his response and look forward to any feedback you would like to share with me.

Stay safe, be well,
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