Dear Colleagues,
We wanted to update you that the following seventeen courses approved by UC for the 2019-2020 school year. 
  • Chemistry IB SL (for honors weight) 
  • History IB HL1   (for honors weight) 
  • Physics IB HL1   (for honors weight) 
  • VIsual Arts IB HL 1 (for honors weight)  
  • Math Analysis and Approaches IB HL2 (new course)
  • Math Applications and Interpretation IB HL2 (new course)
  • Biology IB HL1
  • Biology IB SL
  • Chemistry IB HL1
  • Dance IB HL1
  • Global Studies IB SL
  • History of the Americas IB HL1*
  • Math Analysis and Approaches IB HL1
  • Math Analysis and Approaches IB SL
  • Math Applications and Interpretations IB HL1
  • Math Applications and Interpretations IB SL
  • Personal and Professional Skills IB CP1
The courses that are revisions for honors weight should automatically change to honors weight on your school A-G list as long as the current course is on your school list by the UC deadline of September 15. You shouldn't need to do anything else.
The new courses are the Math A/A HL2 and Math A/I HL2. Schools won't be offering them until 2020-2021 which is the first testing year for the new math courses.. CAWS and IBO wanted to get the courses approved in advance as many schools have early deadlines with their districts to get new courses district approved and this will aid in this effort.
Many thanks again to the teachers and schools who helped with these submissions! The power of California IB educators working together to achieve common goals is beautifully demonstrated through the 17 courses submitted to UC since May 31, 2019!!!
Thanks again to the teachers and schools who helped with these submissions!

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