It is time for Diploma Program schools to review and update their school “a-g” lists for 2022-2023. The UC CMP (Course Management Portal) will open February 1. The attached handout provides valuable information in this process. UC strongly recommends that schools finish the process before the UC application opens August 1. Errors on your “a-g” course list can disadvantage prospective UC and CSU applicants.
Key highlights:
  1. UC has a shortened timeline with new deadlines for updating “a-g” lists.
  2. CAWS will update the International Baccalaureate Organization Program “a-g” course list.
  • CAWS will update the International Baccalaureate Organization Program “a-g” course list.
  • CAWS will facilitate submission of new IB courses for UC approval. Teacher assistance with writing the curriculums is needed. This includes Digital Society, Music SL, SEHS HL and SL1/Preparation Courses. Teachers receive a stipend from CAWS for this work.
  • Theory of Knowledge IB will be moved from a G-History/Social Science elective to a G-Interdisciplinary elective.
  • IB Math courses (Math Studies, Further Math, Mathematics) no longer part of the DP will be removed from “a-g” course lists for 2022-2023.
CAWS is a resource for schools who need assistance or have questions about the Diploma Program and “a-g” lists. Thank you for working with CAWS to support your students in accessing higher education. Your efforts are much appreciated!
Best regards,
Dorothy Battenfeld
University Liaison, CAWS

University Credit for IB


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