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Executive Directors Newsletter - August 2018



Welcome back to a new school year! New beginnings are perfect times to celebrate memorable past events as well as plan for the future. The IB 2018 Global Conference in San Diego set a new record for attendance with over 2000 participants. What a perfect tribute to the value of IB on its 50th anniversary! Paul Campbell, Head of Regional Development and Outreach, thanked CAWS for serving as the host Association. He also congratulated California on having the most IB programmes as well as having the most Candidate Schools in the Americas, ranking fifth in the world. 


The vibe of the conference was upbeat, inspiring, and fun. San Diego provided a perfect venue and an unprecedented number of Californians participated and networked throughout our days together.Participants from throughout the world enjoyed the many excellent sessions, featured speakers, and remarkable student performances at the conference. Our final evening together, aboard the aircraft carrier USS Midway, could not have been more perfect. Under a full moon with glittering lights along the bay and fireworks, everyone enjoyed the impressive location, festive entertainment, and delicious food.


CAWS Global Conference Registration award winners, Kathy Andrejko, a sixth-grade teacher, and Michael Schneider, a DP administrator, were thrilled to be among the attendees. Kathy’s summary of her experiences can be read on the scholarship section of our website.  In continuing to support IB educators, the CAWS board has decided to maintain this new award category. Application details for our 2018-2019 award will be sent in a separate email. The members of the IB 2018 Global Conference Local Arrangements Committee, LAC were formally thanked by IB and recognized for their service throughout the past two years for their assistance with planning this event. State Senator Joel Anderson, from El Cajon, further acknowledged each member of the LAC with Senate Certificates of Recognition for volunteer service to education. Due to the collective effort of this committee, numerous California students and former students performed, shared media and works of art, spoke on panels, and introduced keynote speakers




Recognizing those who shaped the history of a school or organization is yet another reason for celebration. But, it is not without a sense of loss that CAWS gives heartfelt congratulations and thanks to one of the founders of CAWS, former CAWS Executive Director, Co-Director of Teacher Training at Granlibakken, and our friend, Pat Prather, upon her retirement from CAWS. Pat has positively contributed to the lives of countless students and educators throughout her lengthy and inspiring career. Pat has shaped many parts of IB Programmes in California and the Americas and is known throughout the world of IB as a true educational icon. We all wish Pat every joy and look forward to seeing her at future CAWS events. 


Many thanks go to David Crawford, President of CAWS, and Diana Cinatl, Past President, as they step down from our board. Dave and Diana have each served CAWS in a variety of positions throughout their tenure, generously volunteering their time and incredible skills for over a decade. Best wishes to Dave and Diane as they continue to make contributions to their students, colleagues and schools. 




There is much to look forward to in the next year. The strength of CAWS is based on the participation and communication between programmes and schools in our remarkable state. Look for a series of emails in the coming weeks along with updates on our website regarding information about the following items: CAWS Fall Forum on October 29thin San Diego, 2018-2019 membership forms, announcement to apply for openings for CAWS board, launch of our 2018-2019 service project and newsletter. 


CAWS will continue to represent California schools through a variety of services:

  • Teacher training at Granlibakken in Lake Tahoe
  • Fall and Spring gatherings featuring innovators within education and programme level breakouts
  • Scholarships
  • University support 
  • Legislative support
  • Local round tables


It is an honor to serve each of you as the Executive Director of CAWS. One of the joys of being involved with the IB is working with so many splendid educators throughout the world. I encourage you to contact me at any time with questions or ideas throughout the year. I also encourage you to become more involved in CAWS by renewing your membership, participating in our Fall and Spring gatherings, applying for scholarships, or applying to join the CAWS board. If there have been any staff changes at your school or if someone should be added to our email list, please send me the specific contact information as soon as possible. 


What a wonderful time for California IB educators to work together. Here’s to a great year! 


Warm regards,


Robin Oliver

CAWS Executive Director

[email protected]